PALMS New Bit Arts Floating Degree 3.3gr 55mm

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High response & subsurface capture makes
light salt even more fun!

The advantage of the floating model in the light salt game is its high response. A game that invites a surface to a subsurface with agile action is a trump card for such a target that it does not reach the top, but it is threaded enough to see through. Of course, the response is also effective in steady retrieve. Floating minnows that realize more bait-like actions expand the field of activity in many scenes.

FDG-55F 55mm 3.3g Floating 8 colors Hook Size: # 12
PALMS Bit Arts Floating Degree

AkakinH-98, SardineMG-10, BlackbuckMG-61, UV clear lameT-173, Glow TR T-175, Young sweetfish glitter T-176


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