Palms BitArts Miniature GIG 48mm/6.5g/Sinking

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The youngest gig that achieved the highest flight distance in its class

48mm 6.5g Sinking 8 colors Hook Size: # 14

It is a finesse game compatible model of the gig that boasts a high track record as a real shape minnow style jig. Despite its slim body of 48mm, its weight is a masterpiece of 6.5g. Combined with a stable flight attitude, it achieves a class-leading flight distance. Tight wobbling rolls from slow retrieve, irregular action by rod work, and active maneuvering by anglers create a variety of appeals. Slow development in night games and attractive production in day games are at your disposal. The field that can be covered with the salt finesse tackle expands at once.

Real scale

Instead of the traditional simple cross scale pattern, we have applied a realistic pattern that is more reminiscent of bait fish. The light reflection is not uniform, and the irregular reflection that is a little disturbed appeals to the target.

Weight balance

A 48mm compact body with a weight position that emphasizes flight distance. Not only was it packed to the limit, but it was also placed on the bottom of the front and back of the body with a low center of gravity in mind, considering the balance of swimming.


Palms BitArts Miniature GIG 48mm/6.5g/Sinking

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