Cralusso – Pro Match with dart

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Cralusso – Pro Match with dart  – “Pro Match” floats contain all the useful developments that make the ‘Control’ version unique.

As we have used brass removable heads, it is possible for finer adjustments to be made and for the carrying capacity to be increased still further. It is possible to make very quick, accurate and repeated adjustments by pushing in, or pulling out, the upper, thinner stem from the body of the float.

The adjustable capacity of the 4 gr float is:

between 0 and +2,5 gr The 5 gr and 6 gr float is: between 0 and +3,0 gr The 7 gr and 8 gr float is: between 0 and +3,5 gr

Cralusso - Control Match with dart

4gr+(0-2.5gr), 7gr+(0-3.5gr), 8gr+(0-3.5gr), 5gr+(0-3gr), 6gr+(0-3gr)


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