Cralusso – Control Match with dart

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Cralusso – Control Match with Dart – It’s constructed in the same way the “Match Control”, but we have incorporated the “dart flight” (dart steering wheel) in the stem to allow even better the flight.

The latest product of Cralusso is the perfect solution to the various problems of fishermen.

“We have studied our best known calibration system in wagglers and tried to incorporate it into this revolutionary new straight wagglers” system.
The subtle body is the Control Match a very sensitive float and the calibration system makes the quick and accurate adjustment possible.

E ‘can adjust the 3-4-5 gr the loading capacity between 0 and +1.2 g.
E ‘can be adjusted to 6-7-8-10 gr cargo capacity between 0 and +1.5 g

Cralusso - Control Match with dart

10gr+(0-1.5gr), 8gr+(0-1,5gr), 6gr+(0-1.5gr), 5gr+(0-1.2gr), 4gr+(0-1.2gr), 3gr+(0-1.2gr)


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